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It's all about the beer for us. With our 3 unique ranges we bring fresh and unique beers to our loyal drinkers.


We are very lucky to be brewing in a time where many people are excited about beer and about exploring the different styles available. It is this which drives our creative process. Of course we want to honour U.K. brewing heritage and offer some of the classic styles of English ale but we also like to play around with the newer ingredients and styles.

We are a grass roots business founded by Jared Brown in September 2011. We started out running the Brewery as a part-time project but we began growing so fast that it quickly became a full time venture. During this period we were brewing once a week.

Beers Introduced: Gloucester Gold, Mariner, Dockside Dark

People began to enjoy our beers so much that we started making more quickly. We started to grow the team which allowed us to develop the brewery and beers a even further. Enter our craft range and using punchier new-world hops and higher ABV’s.

Beers Introduced: Galaxy, Cascade, Chinook, Vanilla Porter

The popularity of our beers of 2014 was so great that  we decided to keep them on permanently in kegs. Further expansion meant we outgrew our existing brew house, we relocated to a disused malthouse (how romantic), set up there and have been manically busy every day since! This allowed us to turn our previous premises into a taphouse called TANK, serving our brews, guest brews, and high quality deli meats and cheeses. We kept things interesting and started brewing new cask specials.

Beers Introduced: El Dorado, Mosaic, Citra, Blackberry Porter.

We have once again pre-ordered all our hops for next year’s brews as some of them are rare and we want the most high impact hops possible for our beers. We still feel the need to keep pushing forwards and trying new things. So what can you expect this coming year? Saisons yes, sour beers yes, barrel aged beers yes, crisp aromatic pale ales, always!


The brewing process really starts outside of the brewery at the maltsters. Maltsters prepare barley for the brewing process. The barley is soaked in warm water,  mimicking natural conditions for germination. The barley kernel then becomes active and gets ready to release sugars which us brewers need to make beer.

Barley + Water + Heat = Malt (Potential Sugar)



We mix the malted barley with hot water to release the natural sugars in the barley. This sugary solution is called wort, which the yeast will use later as a food source.

Malt (Potential Sugar) + Water + Heat = Wort (Actual Sugar)



We boil the wort to sterilise it, to caramelise the sugars to give more body to the beer. We also add hops to make the beer bitter and to provide extra flavour.

Wort + Boiling + Hops = Bitter Wort



We chill the boiled wort as quickly as possible with a heat exchanger. This helps stabilise the final beer and minimise infection risk.



We add our yeast to ferment the beer. Yeast uses the sugars derived from the barley as a food source and in return gives us alcohol as well as many important flavour compounds.

Wort + Yeast + Time = Beer


Dry hopping

With many of our beers we add extra hops after fermentation has finished. This adds a huge amount of aroma to the beer without adding any extra bitterness.

Beer + Hops + Time = Delicious Aromatic Beer



We then put our beer into Cask, Keg or Bottle. All our beers are packaged ‘live’ which means there is a small amount of yeast still in the beer which will continue to ferment and provide natural carbonation to the beer.

Beer + Time = Naturally Carbonated Beer.



The beer is then delivered to local pubs, shops or to our very own Tank bar on our brewery trike. Thirsty drinkers can then enjoy the beer at it's freshest via a traditional hand pull, a keg line, or straight from a bottle... but always in a glass!

Beer+ Glass= Happy Drinkers

Our new Venue is available for hire and is a great place for private functions. With capacity for up to 70 people, we can host most events from work parties to beer club meetings to private brewery tours etc.


We have flexible packages available, so let us know what special event you would like to plan and we will work together with you to create a memorable event in one of Gloucester’s most exciting new spaces.     01452 668043

We will be putting on MANY special events throughout the year including, beer festivals, tasting sessions, beer and food pairings. We also will be hosting events at the venue.


Oktoberfest anyone?...

GLOUCESTER BREWERY have carefully and thoughtfully designed these tours to be informative, casual, fun and most importantly money well spent.

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