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crafting a climate for change.

We are crafting a climate for change at Gloucester Brewery.

When it comes to our carbon footprint, less is definitely more, and we’ve made a pledge to do all we can to reduce our impact on the environment.

It’s all about 100% taste with zero carbon footprint. We are committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2022 and that means making smart use of the Earth’s resources and expecting the highest ethical standards throughout our company and supply chain.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do from the planet-friendly beers we create and the vehicles we drive, to the environmental projects we support and even the way you can carry our six-packs.

Our journey as an Earth-conscious brewing company has only just begun and we want people to share in our adventure creating a loyal community who return time and again not just because of our passion for brewing but our desire to better the world we live in.

As part of our commitment to Earth-conscious brewing we are proud to be working with a number of partners:

Sustainable Direction are helping us with our pledge to be carbon neutral by 2022
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Vision 21, a Gloucestershire-sustainability charity. We are working with them on an exciting project for Gloucester, so watch this space for news in 2020.

Authentic Bread Company, in Newent, is providing us with leftover bread which we are making into beer. Our first nano beer using old loaves has already been brewed.

We work hard to ensure sustainability throughout our supply chain.

Here are some of the people we work with:

Hops – Charles Faram, in Malvern, Worcestershire

Malt – Brewers Select

Environmentally-friendly party cans – Huber Packaging

Cans and bottles – Staffordshire Brewing Supplies

Beer coasters from natural materials – Katz

Leftover bread from our beer: Authentic Bread Company, Newent


A Year of Pales 2020 Monthly Specials.

Providing the best tasting craft beer is at the heart of the core values on which our company is founded. We brew in a perfectly natural way, using the purest ingredients, responsibly and mindfully holding ourselves accountable for our ethical and environmental standards.

44% of all bread produced in the UK is thrown away. We want to do our part to reduce this.

Bread is made from grains such as barley, wheat and rye, the same raw materials that are used to make beer. Making beer with bread dates back 4,000 years. We collect surplus bread from The Authentic Bread Company in Newent and incorporate this into the brewing process. It is mashed down into the mix and replaces some of the malted barley we traditionally use in brewing.

By using bread that would have otherwise been wasted, we are helping to reduce carbon emissions from the energy-intensive brewing process. This small change can replace upto a third of the malted barley and can have a huge impact on reducing waste.

By drinking mindfully, you are investing in the long-term health of the planet, now and for the future.

Join us today in our pledge for #earthconsciousbrewing

Pacific 3.6%

Light, fruity and easy drinking pale ale, the perfect beer to start the year.
Style – Pale Ale, VEGAN, Limited Edition, CASK, January special

Atlantic 4.2%

A pale golden ale, fruity, tropical and refreshing with a hop hit.
Style – Pale Ale, VEGAN, Limited addition, CASK, February special

Coral 4.5%

A super pale ale, with generous dry hopping to give some juicy fruit flavours.
Style – Pale Ale, VEGAN, Limited addition, CASK, March special

Tropic 5%

A super juicy IPA, with bold aromas of citrus fruits and sweet mango and a pale malt base. Flavours of mango are layered over more tropical fruits.
Style – Mango IPA, VEGAN, Limited Edition, CASK, April special

Outback 4%

Ultra pale malt base allows all those amazing hop characters to shine through.
Style – Pale Ale, VEGAN, Limited addition, CASK, May special

Jungle 5.2%

Heavily dry hopped and soupy, hazy pale ale, bursting with tropical fruit flavours.
Style – Pale Ale, VEGAN, Limited addition, CASK, June special

Rain forest 3.9%

Pale,pale, pale with a fruity zesty hoppiness. Easy drinking and perfect for the summer.
Style – Pale Ale, VEGAN, Limited Edition, CASK, July special

Island 5.5%

USA inspired pale ale, full of hops and bold flavours with a soft rounded bitterness.
Style – Pale Ale, VEGAN, Limited addition, CASK, August special

Polar 3.9%

The optimum pale ale, light, hazy, easy drinking, filled with hops and fruit flavours.
Style – Pale Ale, VEGAN, Limited addition, CASK, September special

Bumble 4.2%

Crisp, fruity, pale ale with liberal hop additions on a light malt base.
Style – Pale Ale, VEGAN, Limited Edition, CASK, October special

Deep sea 4%

A deceptively dark IPA, bringing you all the bold fruity and hoppy tastes you would expect, blended with subtle coffee and chocolate.
Style – Black IPA, VEGAN, Limited addition, CASK, November special

Sunlight 6%

Pale IPA loaded up with bold North American hops for big tropical fruit flavours.
Style – Pale Ale, VEGAN, Limited addition, CASK, December special

Desert 2.6%

Super easy drinking and light pale ale, the low ABV doesn’t stop this beer form packing a punch in terms of flavours.
Style – Low alcohol Pale Ale, VEGAN, Limited Edition, CASK and KEG, January-February special

Glacier 4.2%

A classic German hefe-weisse, straw coloured and super hazy with fruity banana and clove aromas.
Style – Hefeweisse, VEGAN, Limited addition, CASK and KEG, March-April special

Sting 4%

A tart and refreshing pale sour beer, produced through the introduction of a lactobacillus culture before the boil
Style – Sour, VEGAN, Limited addition, KEG, May-August special

Volcanic 4.5%

A warming porter, perfect for the autumn with beautiful notes of coffee and chocolate enhanced by the subtle heat of ghost chili additions.
Style – Ghost chilli porter, VEGAN, Limited Edition, CASK and KEG, September-October special

Evergreen 4%

A rich, malty, ruby red beer spiced with cinnamon, star anise and orange peel to give a truly unique Christmas flavour
Style – Christmas beer, VEGAN, Limited addition, CASK and KEG, November-December special


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