Meet the Gloucester Brewery team

Welcome to the Gloucester Brewery Team! Behind every successful brew and every satisfied customer stands a dedicated team of passionate individuals. Each member brings their unique skills, expertise, and enthusiasm to the table, contributing to the vibrant tapestry that makes Gloucester Brewery thrive.

At Gloucester Brewery, we firmly believe that every team member plays a crucial role in our success. From our talented brewers who craft our award-winning beverages to our friendly taproom staff who create memorable experiences for our guests, each person’s contribution is invaluable.

Our team is a tight-knit family united by our shared love for brewing exceptional drinks and serving our community. Together, we embody the spirit of teamwork, collaboration, and innovation that defines Gloucester Brewery.

As you get to know the faces behind our brewery, you’ll discover the passion, dedication, and expertise that drive us forward every day. We invite you to meet our team and learn more about the individuals who make Gloucester Brewery a truly special place.

Geoff Smith - Managing Director - Gloucester Brewery

Geoff Smith

Managing Director

Geoff joined the team in March 2023 to lead the business through it’s next stages of growth and development.

Coming on board with a wealth of experience, a huge amount of passion and endless energy he is building connections, developing the brand and turning Gloucester Brewery into the heart of the local community.

Geoff’s favourite beer is a pint of 1873 – celebrating 150 years of Gloucester Rugby, perfect when watching the rugby in one of our venues, or visiting Kingsholm Stadium to watch Gloucester RFC.

Naomi Smith

Finance Manager

Naomi joined the team in August 2023 to take the reigns of the finance department as the business continues to evolve.

Her expertise in financial planning will enable Gloucester Brewery to continue to grow organically and remain an independent award-winning brewery.

Naomi’s favourite drink is an Elderflower and Lemon balm gin with Indian tonic, with the elderflower being hand picked locally it is only available for a short period each year but it is well worth the wait.

Naomi Smith - Finance Manager - Gloucester Brewery

Pietro Lovato

Head Brewer

I come from northern Italy from Vicenza which is a wide wine area, but I learned very quickly I loved beer more than wine and I found the brewing process is fascinating.
I worked in a local brewery an an apprentice and I came to England almost two years ago to be a head brewer somewhere else before joining Gloucester Brewery in the autumn of 2019. The thing I like most here is that every day is different, and I love their passion for the beer and modern brewery techniques.
I can’t wait to experiment with new styles bringing out a wider range of the beers in the future.

My favourite beer is Session Pale.

Tom Fletcher


Tom is the brewing maestro and jovial spirit behind the scenes at Gloucester Brewery. Affectionately known as “Happy Tom,” his infectious enthusiasm brings a vibrant energy to our production brewery. With a love for exploration and adventure, Tom’s well-travelled nature enriches our brewery community, while his passion for hiking in the countryside embodies the spirit of our locale.

In addition to his brewing expertise, Tom harbours a hidden talent as a stand-up comedian. Taking to the stage, he’s delighted audiences with his quick wit and comedic timing, undertaking a number of shows to share his laughter with the world.

Favuored Beer:
Tom’s favoured beer is Bumble a special brew from 2023 brew that embodied simplicity and excellence – a testament to his appreciation for the craft and quality that defines Gloucester Brewery’s offerings.

Kristian Williams


Kris is the quietest of our three brewers, and brings a serene focus to the art of brewing at Gloucester Brewery. Despite his tranquil demeanor, he has a penchant for the loudest music, which fills the brewery as he and his fellow brewers go about their tasks. Kris’s dedication to his craft is matched only by her love for rhythm and melody, infusing our brewery with a harmonious ambience….mainly of rather heavy metal music!

Favored Beer:
Kris’s favored beer is the classic Gloucester Gold, a testament to her appreciation for the timeless and iconic brew that embodies the essence of our brewery’s heritage.

Jan van der Elsen

Project Manager

Growing up in the Southern parts of The Netherlands, I was introduced to the craft beers of Belgium, mostly brewed by monks. After working in the corporate oil and gas world for many years, I started my own business in the Gloucester Docks. When Jared asked me to help out selling beers, I was thrilled to be involved with the Brewery and Tank.

Luke McDonagh

Sales and Marketing Manager

Luke joined in the first part of 2024, as Sales and Marketing Manager, bringing a wealth of experience and passion to Gloucester Brewery. Hailing from Prescott Brewery, Luke seamlessly transitioned into his role, where he orchestrates our brewery’s sales and marketing endeavours with finesse and flair. A keen footballer at heart, Luke’s competitive spirit and teamwork mentality inspire our brewery team to strive for greatness.

Nestled in the picturesque Cotswolds, Luke calls this stunning landscape home, drawing inspiration from its natural beauty and tranquillity. With roots deeply entrenched in the hospitality sector, Luke’s upbringing saw him living and working in pubs from an early age, instilling in him a profound understanding of the industry and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Favoured Beer:
Luke’s favoured beer is the NEIPA (New England IPA), a fruity, well-bodied brew that tantalizes the taste buds with its vibrant flavours and smooth texture. This choice reflects Luke’s appreciation for innovation and quality, making it a perfect match for his discerning palate.

Jordan Smith

Sales and Marketing Executive

I’ve always done office jobs before this role, but I wanted to do something different and this job is perfect way to combine my love of GB beer and learning more about the brewing industry.

My favourite beer is session IPA.

Sophie Treadwell

Operations Manager

Adam Bertrand

Head of Venue Operations and Events

Dean Webb

Ability, Accessibility and Inclusion Ambasador

Dean serves as the Ability, Accessibility, and Inclusion Ambassador at Gloucester Brewery, where he holds an honorary role. Having overcome two strokes, Dean is easily recognisable in his power chair, embodying resilience and determination. He works tirelessly to support the brewery in developing an environment that overcomes the challenges of its heritage buildings to ensure accessibility for everyone. His dedication to fostering a welcoming atmosphere aligns perfectly with Gloucester Brewery’s commitment to diversity and community engagement.

Favoured Drink:
Dean’s favoured drink is the national award-winning Gloucester craft lager, a testament to his appreciation for quality and local craftsmanship.

Russell Haines - Artist in Residence - Gloucester Brewery

Russell Haines

Artist in Residence

Russell is an artist from Gloucester who took up painting while recovering from a stroke.

Russell often describes how he could never have imagined calling himself an artist. He had never painted before but realised he had talent after he began creating artwork as part of art therapy after his stroke.

Russell’s artwork is expressive, vividly coloured, emotive, expressionist style and captures the inner essence of the people he paints.

Since becoming an artist he has had exhibitions at The Tower Of London, Gloucester Cathedral as well as many other art exhibitions. We are delighted to be able to showcase his work in Warehouse 4.

Favoured Drink:

Despite his artistic flair, Russell prefers the more modest Cascade Bitter, although like Russel it is an award-winning beer with a depth of flavour that often surprises.

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